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[Discuss] Future of Personal Computers

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> The desktop if largely dead like cobol. It will linger, but never return.

Desktops are still used in labs or anywhere that companies work on hardware,
because they need access to the PCI ports and stuff.  Also, people who run
virtualization...  You get more compute power per buck in a desktop versus a

You can't stick more than one hard drive into a laptop (as a generality.)

Laptops are more expensive and more prone to damage and theft.  You sure
don't see laptops being used in the restaurants to manage the orders.  Or
basically anywhere that mobiility isn't a requirement...

For that matter, what is the distinction between a tablet and a small
laptop?  To be seriously useful, either one of them needs a keyboard and a
touch screen (moving forward).  So the distinction is not very relevant
anyway.  The only difference is Android vs Ubuntu vs Windows.

So...  I don't think the distinction is all that interesting, and I
definitely disagree about both of the statements, that desktops and/or
laptops are dead or will be.

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