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[Discuss] Future of Personal Computers

On 03/12/2012 10:07 PM, markw at wrote:
> The desktop if largely dead like cobol.

this typo is interesting because it makes your statement a proposition, 
a point to be argued.

> It will linger, but never return.

if it is lingering, then it can't return [because it hasn't gone away].

am i just being overly pedantic?

> The laptop is dead too, tablets will become the new laptops.

tablets have a fatal flaw, they are designed for advertising instead of 
your hand. that is, their primary design goal is to look cool, both in 
day to day life, and in extravagantly staged scenarios that are repeated 
ad nauseum in media of all types.

but a good device for a hand will fit in it easily and behave as we 
might expect without really thinking about it. a tablet is not like this 
at all. and humans are stuck with hands for the next N years.

-- "yeah yeah yeah" -beatles

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