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[Discuss] alternatives to batteries

Perhaps a better answer is something like a MicroOptical/GoogleGlasses display,
which I imagine would require far less power. Lose the big display, and perhaps
the rest of the device could be squeezed into a Twiddler-like chord keyboard.

On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 2:49 PM, Tom Metro <tmetro-blu at> wrote:
> Richard Pieri wrote:
>> I see room-scale broadcast power as being the real game-changer.
> Nah. I think if you dig deeper into this you'll find that the power
> potential just isn't there. To capture the power needed in a small
> portable device would exceed what the laws of physics allow for.
> Though that's relative to power requirements. If you have a tablet that
> uses 1/100 (maybe less - I haven't done the math) the power of current
> tablets, then it might fly. As you noted, this approach works for RFID
> tags, but their power need relative to their antenna size makes this viable.
>> I see batteries as being a dead end. ?They're entropic, which is a fancy
>> way of saying that they wear out with use. ?It's inescapable.
> Agreed. But the answer is super capacitors. They're doable within the
> laws of physics. It's just a matter of material science.
> ?-Tom
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