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[Discuss] I think my server is running out of "something"

On Mar 18, 2012, at 5:14 PM, Tom Metro wrote:
> I concur with the others that this sounds like a power supply issue,
> though 6 hard drives should not be excessive for a 650W supply. (I have
> as many or more drives on my MythTV server with something like a 450W
> supply.)

I'm running 4x2TB SATA + 1x250GB SATA on my N40L with a 150W PSU.

I believe that Tom correct in his speculation about GPU drivers.  That particular Silverstone model is designed to feed power to a high-end GPU, not to lots of disks.  The quantity of disks combined with temperature-driven falloff could very well be leaving other parts of the system starved for power.

--Rich P.

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