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[Discuss] Running Android on a PC such as Android X86 Project

I'm also wondering if possible to take an "Image" of your Droid phone and see it via the Android sdk manager instead of the stock droid.

Thanks ?

 From: Brendan Kidwell <brendan at>
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Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2012 3:54 PM
Subject: Re: [Discuss] Running Android on a PC such as Android X86 Project
I've got an Asus EEE netbook that I was considering installing "Android
X86" on. I went as far as trying to install the latest build in VirtualBox
and I had no trouble whatsoever getting it up and running in that. I gather
from the Android X86 docs that a lot of people do actually run it on things
like the EEE netbooks for day-to-day use.

What's holding me back is Zim Desktop Wiki (a desktop-native personal
wiki/outliner). It requires GTK and there are no plans to make an Android
or web version. With hundreds of pages in Zim, I'm not ready to make my
netbook incompatible with it. :^(

(Disclosure: this wasn't meant to be a plug, but just to be clear, I am the
official Windows package maintainer for Zim.)

On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 9:52 AM, Jerry Feldman <gaf at> wrote:

> I was recently asked a question about running Android on a PC or on a
> virtual environment. There is the Android x86 project:
> Basically, the guy has a tablet and he wants
> to use a bigger screen and keyboard....
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