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[Discuss] Looking for some good people at my company

We need some good people.

(1) We need a Linux configuration guru to build and test kernels, 
package software in RPMS (or debs), work with PAM modules, code in perl, 
python, and C. You would really really need to be able to roll your own 
system upgrade. The interview process is tough, and you need to be able 
to withstand some egos. OpenSSL, OpenSSH, and all forms of linux 
configuration are important.

(2) We need a couple/few fantastic C guys. You would need to be very 
familiar with file system concepts, large data, threading, memory 
management, really really be able to explain the difference between BSD 
and Linux mutexes. You will also need to be solid with the standard 
algorithms, hash, trees, lists, as well as the more advanced indexing 
techniques. Understanding how virtual memory paging affects algorithms 
otherwise expressed with big O notation is a good start. This is not an 
entry level position, it is a position where we need people who know 
their stuff.

Contact me, and I'll tell you the company. You can't blame me for 
wanting the referral!

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