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[Discuss] [Position-available] Position(1-2 yr. contract) available SuSE F'ham/Natick MA

Also, the recruiter says it is fine to list the 
client "Boston Scientific".   They have an exclusive

Jim Gasek

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Subject: Position(1-2 yr. contract) available SuSE F'ham/Natick MA
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 05:43:17 -0700

The following is a lead from a reputable recruiter, with 
whom I have a good relationship, and is, imho, a reputable 
firm.  I'm posting it as a favor to him.   
Please contact -him-, not me.......thanks....Jim
Top 3 Must Haves:?
1) 5 or more years of experience as a SuSe Engineer building and?
supporting SLES in an enterprise environment.?
2) 5 years of experience writing user and group policies and procedures?
for SLES in an enterprise organization.?
3) 5 years of experience using VMware virtualization to virtualize SuSe?
operating system.

The manager needs a SuSe expert with 5+ years of experience building out?
a SuSe environment using SuSe stand up tools, such as satellite server?
for RedHat. He needs this person to be able engineer, maintain, and?
educate company how to support the SuSe environment, as well?
as work with vendors such as SAP to explain the OS capabilities.?

The resource will need to be able to dictate the offerings of SuSe. This?
will be a 1-2 year term engagement. ?This resource will be required to?
integrate SLES v11 into the existing RedHat and Windows infrastructure?
and manage with existing tools, such as the HP Openview monitoring tool.?
The manager will need someone to be able to engineer the environment, as?
well as be able to pull it apart and educate the team on how to do the?
same thing. Currently, the plan is to have the SuSe to run on HP boxes,?
but the candidate must be versatile because the OS could be running on?
Cisco boxes in the future.?

The candidate will be required to write the processes, policies, and?
procedures for users and groups according to SuSe v11 and Hana.?

Additional responsibilities:
?Assist with and implement automation of Operating System installation?
on a variety of hardware using IPMI, PXE, autoyast and unattended.?
?Configuration and maintenance of PXE firewall
?Use, deployment, and automation of virtualization cluster utilizing?
OCFS, corosync, OpenAIS and Xen.?
?Windows Server Virtualization Validation testing of Xen and KVM for?
multiple SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) releases.
?Testing and limited debugging of integration of Microsoft Linux?
Integration Services (for Linux running on HyperV) into SLES.
?Responsible for designing and implementing VMware HA solutions

Dan Scandalito; Senior Recruiter: IT Infrastructure
111 Speen St. Suite 520?Framingham, MA 01701
T ?508.766.3184 ? F 508.766.3163?

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