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[Discuss] TrueCrypt on a network Drive

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of aldo albanese
> Created a folder called TrueCrypt on the network drive.
> Via TrueCrypt App, I created a volume using option "Create an encrypted file
> container".
> I selected standard TrueCrypt volume then I entered Z:\Truecrypt\Truecrypt
> and selected "never save history"
> I selected the default option for encryption.
> Used Volume size 1 GB
> Entered Password
> Use filesystem NTFS moved my mouse around few times.
> Then I went back into Truecrypt, clicked on the J Drive within the Truecrypt
> window, selected the file on the?Z:\Truecrypt\Truecrypt and clicked Mount. ?I
> was able to move files in the J drive.
> Few days later using the J drive, I can not get in anymore. ?What am I doing
> wrong?

It should work as described - I do this at home, and I have done it for years.

The only thing you didn't mention, is dismounting from the system where you first mounted it.  You *did* dismount it, didn't you?  As soon as it's dismounted, it should be mountable again, either by the same computer, or by a different computer on the network.  And again, I'm speaking from experience on this.

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