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[Discuss] Wiki Security Risk

MediaWiki software is very secure (from hackers, or general software
vulnerabilities) when properly setup, configured and maintained.  See for more info on how to
setup/secure LAMP and MediaWiki

There were only 5 vulnerability reports in 2013 against MediaWiki - with
details (severity, scope, type) here:

MediaWiki software is not designed to manage fine-grained access control
over contents.  Therefore it would make a horrible customer account
reporting system for a bank.  If you want a MediaWiki with content-specific
authorization controls, read about how you'll be fighting the system
internals here:

Quick tip: if you want to setup a public (or private) MediaWiki while
preventing spammers or non-authorized users from logging in and _creating_
content, then use the OpenID extension (


Greg Rundlett

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