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[Discuss] RHEL6 sysadmin doc? (and book question) ?  Looks like everything to me.


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Thanks! I have and love the Nemeth et al book, but it's nowhere near specific or advanced enough. For example, just to name a few things I've had to look up recenytly:  there's only about a paragraph on grub.conf,  nothing about setting up different types of network bonding on ports, and almost nothing on kernel tuning parameters. I need the RHEL- specific details. And man pages are not my favorite reading. We keep reading this stuff on random blogs but I'm about ready to RTFM.

(We've still got a fair amount of RHEL5 but all our new infrastructure is RHEL6)

Thanks, Betsy
(Almost done with Solaris....)

> On Feb 13, 2014, at 9:14 PM, Richard Pieri <richard.pieri at> wrote:
> Betsy Schwartz wrote:
>> Also wondering if you have any book recommendations.
> "UNIX System Administration Handbook" by Evi Nemeth,, in its various editions are the best general sysadmin texts out there, especially for those who find themselves dealing with or migrating between different UNIX flavors.
> "Essential System Administration", the Armadillo Book from O'Reilly, is number 2 on my list.
> Red Hat's documentation for RHEL4 is largely applicable to RHEL5. Still, go with the first two if you're thinking, "I know how to do X with Solaris, but how do I do it with RHEL?"
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