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[Discuss] what do I do with all this junk?

Derek Martin wrote:
> I have a couple of large boxes of really old cards and
> peripherals... I don't want it winding up in
> some landfill either...

There was some chatter on the Artisan's Asylum Discuss mailing list
quite a while back about someone who was running art classes for kids
where they turned old circuit boards into art projects. At the time they
were looking for hardware donors. Not sure if they still need them.

(Unfortunately AA doesn't seem to have searchable archives, and seems to
go to some lengths to keep their mailman UI hidden. Some list info here:

> My town recycles's not clear how, if at all, they handle
> peripherals and cards and such.
> I've got a few old mini-tower PCs...that I'd also like to get rid of...

Easy: open up the towers, stuff with loose cards, then recycle PCs. :-)


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