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[Discuss] Windows 8.1 P2V (virtualize my new PC)

On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 4:46 PM, Richard Pieri <richard.pieri at> wrote:
> Pretty much everything Bill wrote.
> Here's another example: install Linux on a computer. Pull the boot disk and
> install it in a different computer with a different disk controller,
> different video chipset, different NIC, etc. Now try to boot it.

Actually, I have done this with Linux workstations with some luck.
The advantage with most
Linux distributions is that the kernel comes with lots of drivers
compiled in and
even more available as loadable modules in a standard installation.
As long as you
don't have a weird disk controller, you should at least be able to get
it to boot into
text mode.   Chances are you can then configure X Windows to use a
basic SVGA driver
until you can configure an optimized driver for your graphics card.
Sound & Networking drivers have sometimes been more of an issue, but
if it works at all with Linux, you can eventually get it to work.

> Will a given P2V conversion work? Only you can answer that question and only
> after you make a number of attempts.

No argument there.   Too many variables.

Bill Bogstad

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