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[Discuss] business class ISP recommendations

Tom Metro wrote:
> ...I'm looking to get business class Internet service
> for a home office. At my location I have an "embarrassment of riches"
> and yet none of these are companies I want to do business with:
> Verizon Business FIOS
> Comcast Business cable Internet
> RCN Business cable Internet

All the news about the congested peering points at Comcast and Verizon
(which I'm guessing impacts business class customers as well) makes me
even more unlikely to want to do business with these companies that I
was already predisposed to avoid.

That leaves RCN, which per Netflix's stats
( or see Google's version: actually ranks faster
than Comcast and Verizon. RCN is also small enough that they wouldn't
have the negotiating power to play these sorts of games with content

But, dealing with RCN's pre-sales operation has been lousy. I've gone
weeks trying to get a few simple questions answered. And their coverage
database is apparently so unreliable that they actually had to roll a
truck to verify that my location had service.

Another possibility I recently ran across (on Google's recommended ISP
list) is:

which does fixed-wireless links in the Boston and immediate suburbs.

Anyone with experience with this company?


Tom Metro
The Perl Shop, Newton, MA, USA
"Predictable On-demand Perl Consulting."

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