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[Discuss] Https - the solution to net neutrality and ISP monopolies

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> (blu)
> It's the same content, being delivered over the
> same network, only it's encrypted and hidden from FiOS's routers.  There's
> no other explanation, simply, caught red handed.

Consensus on a different list where I posted the same discussion is that VZ isn't targeting Netflix etc (yet) but instead, (as described by Gregory Boyce on that list):

> Basically Verizon has a great big unsaturated network.  Level 3 (who
> hosts a lot of Netflix content) has a great big unsaturated network.
> The peering point between the two networks is 100% utilized.  

By VPN'ing into work, I'm now using the peering points from Level3 to whatever they use at work, and from whatever they use at work to Verizon.  Now I'm using a different peering point - essentially routing around the congested segment.

So what would happen if a whole bunch of little users in Layer3 were sending traffic to VZ users?  VZ wouldn't be able to shakedown Netflix or Google or whoever.  VZ is just being opportunistic, money grabbing because they see somebody they can grab money from.

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