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[Discuss] php dev's code with warnings and notices

On 07/26/2014 08:11 PM, markw at wrote:
> A properly configured and developed web site with no warning would
> probably only serve static web pages.

Really? I've written code that produces no warnings or notices and I
don't consider myself particularly exceptional at programming. I've
written code that does have warnings and notices and feel I'm just being

> ...ask why you shouldn't be worried by the errors. See if they are
> aware of them and understand what they are before you cast judgment.

Is there any valid technical reason for having warnings and notices in
the php code? My gut tells me people are just being sloppy. Includes
that don't exist and the like. If there are situations that need to be
tracked I don't think the error log is the correct place to put it. Like
John said about flooding the log.

Heh, I'm used to being a loner.  This team stuff is hard!

- Eric

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