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[Discuss] php dev's code with warnings and notices

On July 27, 2014 at 2:26 PM Rich Braun <richb at> wrote:
> Eric Chadbourne asked:
> > The code they have submitted works,
> > but it has a bunch of warnings and notices in the logs.  I personally
> > think this is sloppy coding.  My question is, how strong a stand should
> > I take on this issue?  I have the senior role but I am also the "new
> > guy".

 [ stuff omitted]

> * Implement a unit-test code coverage tool that reports all lines that aren't
> covered by unit tests, if you don't have that in place already, and run it at
> least daily if not every build;
> * Get the test coverage well above 50%;
> * Block all code check-ins that worsen the problem (i.e. implement a
> static-analysis gate).

What is a static-analysis gate?  (Routine search revealed nothing.)


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