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[Discuss] CELL PHONE MODEM: CDMA access code hijacked by verizon: involuntary dial code insert

Welcome back the trials and trivialities of Verizon in it's venture
to suck the last dollar, dime and drop of blood from us all. When last we
heard, I was attempting to install a generic USB driver for an old
blackberry...not a bad idea since the BB's now retail for $10.00 and they
have limited use anyway. After some aggravation, I got this up and running
as a MODEM perfectly...for a few days...until suddenly the CDMA access code
was hijacked with a new dial code inserted. I like using Canadian equipment
because the C's steal a lot less then those in the US...and I plan to
continue to use this vintage cell phone because it worked perfectly as a
modem, but now? the laptop doesn't even recognize it as a modem and I can't
"dial" out. I like vintage because it gets hacked let's skip the
scoffing. Somebody, anybody: help!  MCBouman

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