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[Discuss] Sync Revisited

Did you try ownCloud?  It's a self-hosted replacement for Dropbox.  They
even have some built in apps, so I can use the web interface when I don't
have my computer or phone to log in and edit documents similar to Google


On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 7:07 PM, Richard Pieri <richard.pieri at>

> At this point in time I've mostly given up on automated sync systems.
> Too many little problems for me to deal with.
> I dropped Dropbox a while back because, quite frankly, there's about
> zero security to it. Anything based on third-party cloud storage is
> automatically on my non-starter list these days, especially after the
> Code Spaces breach.
> I like the idea of BitTorrent Sync, how it goes about synchronizing
> arbitrary directories. The startup times and memory footprint, however,
> make it a poor tool for large-scale synchronization. By "large" I mean
> half-TB worth of data and hundreds of thousands of files on up.
> I gave Syncthing a try now that it's moved beyond the "don't use this in
> production" phase. I won't use it for real. It synchronizes nodes, not
> directories, and continuously spews error messages when any node in the
> group doesn't synchronize all directories under Syncthing control. The
> developer (one guy) says that's how it's supposed to work. I say that it
> a flawed design because I don't want to sync 600GB of data to my 16GB
> tablet. The developer says that he isn't changing Syncthing's behavior
> so I say that I'm not using Syncthing.
> As of this week I'm back to Unison and some little wrapper scripts.
> Nothing -- still -- does sync as well, as fast, and as securely as Unison.
> --
> Rich P.
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