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[Discuss] Sync Revisited

Richard Pieri <richard.pieri at> wrote:
>> At this point in time I've mostly given up on automated sync systems.
>> Too many little problems for me to deal with.

Ditto.  There's just not a lot of investment in creating home-user software
like that; unison's still the best out there (but you have to monitor things
reasonably closely).  All the new software dev seems to be proprietary Cloud
Services, ugh.  (Disclaimer:  I work for a Cloud Service. :-()

What I've done to solve the I-mashed-the-power-button-on-a-server, or more
often, I-want-to-apply-security-updates-or-reformat-the-O/S, problem is run
glusterfs for certain personal directories and email spool.  That works a lot
better than the (other) sync tools but if I want encryption, or I want to
handle a lot of files, glusterfs just royally sucks.  It does a particular job
pretty well, but that job is definitely not the all-purpose "store all the
files I ever cared about" server sync that I really want.

Each morning I ride my bike past the construction site where Dropbox is
putting up a new office building. Right now it's a foundation, with some of
the concrete pillars rising to 1st-floor height (out of 7 floors). Hopefully
by the time it's built, they've created a service that I'd actually want to


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