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[Discuss] Revisiting VMWare ESX backup options

Richard Pieri <richard.pieri at> wrote:
> And you've completely missed the point.

Whatever...I think you enjoy saying that to me... :-)

> I wrote "anything that adds unnecessary complexity".

You ignored my own point about the unnecessary complexity of mobile phones
(for 99.99% of users).  It's a f'ing red herring.  Repeat.

> If you maintain good physical security then there is no need to encrypt
> your devices and backups.

And I'm making the following point not to you but to all the other readers of
BLU: ignore two dominant trends in data devices at your peril.  (1) the rise
of cloud storage, and (2) the shrinking size of personal devices (be they
servers for home/business, or handheld mobile devices).

Burglary, theft, extortion, hacking, and other crimes aren't just imaginary.
As we get closer to the point of being able to store all the world's knowledge
in a device that can be lost between the sofa cushions, encrypting it becomes
a higher priority.

Disagree if you like, I don't really care. "Easily lost or stolen" gadgets or
briefcases/boxes of backup media routinely disappear from workplaces and homes
alike. Denial of crime statistics won't keep you safer, and it won't help you
retain employment as a cyber-security engineer.

Looking forward to the flame-fest that this posting triggers.  But hopefully
we can learn to sit on our hands like back in the '90s.


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