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[Discuss] Revisiting VMWare ESX backup options

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Rich Braun
> Additional layers of security, whether "necessary" or not, are worthy of
> discussion.  Encryption is pretty darned easy to use, doesn't add burdensome
> complexity

There is one, and only one, negative aspect to encryption of backups.  The risk of losing your decryption key.  There is also a very real risk of data compromise if you fail to use encryption (compromised data from backups has occurred historically equally or more often than lost data due to lost decryption key).  So you have to weigh the two risks against each other and make a decision.  Rich P apparently likes trolling and thinks there can only be one solution for everyone, and everyone who disagrees with him is wrong - and I disagree with him.  I agree 100% with Rich Braun's assessment here.  Encryption can be good, can be bad, you have to make your own decision based on your individual circumstances.

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