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[Discuss] OT: Microsoft Secure Channel (Schannel) Vulnerability

This  was discussed pretty much all week on SANS Internet Storm Center
"Daily Stormcast"  podcast.

Handler Diaries -

Especially If running Net-visible Windows servers -- e.g. ASPX windows
servers -- this *is* urgent.  2nd priority, laptops.
   Unclear which services a non-server might be vulnerable with to
intRAnet attack, so patch them too.


On Sat, Nov 15, 2014 at 12:32 AM, Stephen Ronan <sronan at> wrote:
> November 14:
> "This flaw allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code and
> fully compromise vulnerable systems"
> This is what my ISP has to say about it.
> =========================================
> "Extremely serious Windows security vulnerability (alexis) Fri Nov 14
> 19:07:51 2014
>    We don't usually post warnings about security issues in Windows, but this
> one is so severely dangerous that it deserves a special mention, because it
> applies to every Windows version since 2000, and it does not require any
> user behavior - you just have to be on the Internet. If you have Windows
> machines, either clients or servers, we advise you to *urgently* drop
> whatever you're doing and get them patched. Don't wait for your next
> maintenance window (if you have a schedule).
>    The US CERT advisory for this vulnerability is:
>    The last two references listed provide some good insight on this.
>    If you thought "heartbleed" and "shellshock" were bad... this is worse.
>    Much much worse."
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