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[Discuss] Very odd RCN behavior, PC can connect, but not routers

?Network equipment frequently suffers from intermittent problems that will
drive you completely bonkers, so nothing in your description eliminates a
failure in the modem or your router.  I agree with Ned that that could be
the issue.

?The cable modem is assigned the dynamic public IP address. It's very
unlikely that the provisioning would extend beyond it. It's just an
intermediate private network between the cable modem and your router.

One test of the router(s): Set up an isolated network with the old router.
Connect your new router from it's wan port to a lan port on your old
connect your computer to your old router by wired network and connect to
the new router via wireless, and see if you can ping yourself ! !  Turn off
your firewall and ping the broadcast address.  Reverse the roles of the
routers and retest. let the whole thing sit for awhile and try it again
after it's all gotten hot. How hot are your routers?

If they are hot might try gently vacuuming them but that ... that could be
bad statically this time of year... maybe. see what other people say.

I would not consider the cable modem a black box because you are renting
it.? Can you connect the computer to the modem and see what sort of signal
/ connection you are getting from RCN, using the info at the following link?

Maybe figure out how to create a bubble with your laptop, for now?

It would be valuable to know if your neighbors have trouble-free service.

If you can spare the time then I'd exchange the modem. If that does not fix
it then I'd borrow someone's router, buy a new one. test it out with
another cable modem or for that mater .. AH! HA!

Definitely start using a surge protector if you are not already doing so.

On Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 7:38 PM, Jerry Natowitz <j.natowitz at> wrote:

> No, because since I posted I have been able to connect. Both routers have
> the same behavior. They can connect once, but thereafter the modem will not
> respond to further dhcp requests. I found the only way to get that first
> response is to change the router's WAN MAC to a few value. Fortunately, I
> have a bunch of MAC addresses in /etc/ethers going back a number of years.
> This is clearly (to me, at least) some change in RCN provisioning and/or
> firmware.
> But they deny anything changed.
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> > Any suggestions?
> Maybe the WAN jack of your Netgear went bad?
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