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[Discuss] Startup?

On Sun, Mar 01, 2015 at 10:11:18PM -0500, Max Timchenko wrote:
> On Mar 1, 2015, at 14:35, discuss-request at wrote:
> If a friend approached me for an advice about their startup but wanted me to sign an NDA first I would refuse outright.

Here's one you might not find so repulsive, from


This agreement is entered into this ___ day of ___ 20__ by and
between _____________ (hereinafter "The Advisor") and
_____________ (hereinafter "The Keeper of the Idea" or "I")
regarding information The Keeper of The Idea is choosing to
share with The Advisor (hereinafter "The Idea").

WHEREAS I possess a bright idea that I am choosing to disclose
to you, The Advisor, with the mutual understanding that you are
my friend and that you will not screw me.

Manners of screwing include, but are not limited to:

    Adapting some or all of The Idea for your own purposes
unless I say you can.
    Choosing to share some or all of The Idea with those who are
not bound to this agreement.
    Failing to do your best to protect The Idea.

This is a "warm blanket" agreement with which, by requesting
your agreement to it, I am helping myself sleep at night by
placing a small amount of formality on the sharing of The Idea.
I believe The Idea will only improve as a result of having
solicited your honest and clear feedback.


The term of this agreement shall continue until I or someone I
authorize makes The Idea public.


This agreement may possibly have some amount of legal binding.
However, it is likely that upon breach or violation of the
agreement, I will do no more than any of the following:

    Curse you under my breath.
    Publicly disclose the manner of your screw-i-tude.
    Write about your transgressions in ALL CAPS.
    No longer consider you a person with whom I can share my


Sharing of some or all of The Idea with third parties may occur
provided that you have cleared this with me and the third
parties agree to the principles of the FriendDA.


Termination of this FriendDA can be executed by either party,
but don't be a douche.

You are acknowledging and agreeing to this disclosure by reading
it. If you find any part of this agreement uncomfortable or
confusing, don't sweat it. We'll talk about something else.

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