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[Discuss] Securing a VMware ESXi server at a colo site?

I'm considering using the free edition of VMware ESXi 5.5 at a co-location
site. If I understand correctly, the free edition doesn't include the
management console application, so I would have to manage it via a web

How do I set it up so I can manage it remotely in a secure manner?

My initial thoughts are to close every port on the host server except ssh,
and lock down ssh in the usual manner: disable protocol 1, disable password
authentication so the only access is via RSA keys, use the AllowUsers
directive so only the admins have access to the host server, and access the
web management console over an ssh tunnel.

I'm assuming that guest VMs wil run in bridged mode, and that the firewall
on the host server won't block network access to the guest VMs. Each guest
will therefore need its own instance of iptables to firewall itself.

Does this approach cover all the bases, or are there issues I've

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