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[Discuss] Thin Provisioned LVM

On 3/10/2015 11:09 PM, markw at wrote:
> There are some very good reasons to NOT use ZFS, but this isn't the
> discussion I intended to start.

Then all I will say on this subject at this time is that your problems 
with ZFS seem to fall under "you're doing it wrong". ZFS best practices 
are thoroughly documented and those documents do address your complaints 
about ZFS.

In re Linux LVM, well, it comes as no surprise to me that the thin 
provisioning mechanism feels like a bolted-on hack. LVM always felt 
unfinished to me compared to other offerings like AdvFS, VxVM, even the 
volume manager that IBM created to support JFS (IBM's tools and internal 
consistency made up for a lot of the shortcomings in AIX). I used LVM 
not because it was good but because it was the only volume manager that 
Linux had. These days I try to avoid using LVM for anything other than 
basic OS volumes.

Rich P.

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