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[Discuss] Rekonq doesn't trust my Certificate Authority

I've come across an odd problem with Rekonq, and I'm looking for help.

I have a "real" SSL certificate for my website, It shows, 
as is expected, a "padlock" icon when I go to .

Except when I use Rekonq, and then the KDE browser gives me an 
"untrusted" error, saying that the root CA certificate is not trusted 
for this use.  Google searches show that it's a "known" problem, but the 
only pages I found were of suggestions that there was a MITM attack in 
progress or warning against using a self-signed cert.

I took a screen shot of the "deails" page: it's at .  All suggestions are welcome, and 
thank you in advance.


E. William Horne

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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