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[Discuss] External network scanning service

I've used a number of open source tools such as nmap, Nessus, Saint.  I'm
looking for a SAAS that I can add my subnets and they will scan them daily
and check for open ports and known vulnerabilities, etc and send us a

They don't necessarily need to be full pen testing, but it would be nice if
as they were scanning they could detect things that are being exposed.  For
example, years ago before I knew to turn off Apache httpd's mod_info/server
info, I remember being able to use open source tools to figure out what
version of Apache, PHP, and the operating system.  The report should have
the ability to mark things as known/acceptable, and the report be sent if
something changes.

Also, would be helpful if they offered some type of certification to show
our clients.


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