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[Discuss] Anybody else seeing this? (Amazon AWS problem)

> From: greg.rundlett at [mailto:greg.rundlett at] On Behalf
> Of Greg Rundlett (freephile)
> As for the "crap your pants" moment when nothing is right in your control
> panel, I've noticed that if you have more than one AWS login, that it can be
> difficult to login to the right account.? I've been duped before by logging in
> and seeing the wrong AWS console.? You've no doubt checked your account,
> but it's worth mentioning.

In fact, you were right. I did figure out, that I was logged into control panel with the wrong credentials, so that explained the missing servers & storage. (I had already double-checked that before posting here, but I found the error on triple check. So it's no longer a crap my pants scenario.)

But there's still something really weird happening with the firewall. We're still being flooded by alerts, and when I ping or ssh to the amazon machines, I'm seeing ...

Here's a really weird one ...

We have a couple of LAN's, whose external IP's are in the range a.b.c.d/e
The amazon firewall is configured to permit (usually) echo request and ssh from a.b.c.d./e
So ... machine "foo" on LAN1 is failing to ping or ssh machine "banana" and machine "orange" in the amazon network. But when I VPN into LAN1, I'm able to ping and ssh to "banana" and "orange" just fine.
Machine "bar" on LAN1 is failing to ping or ssh machine "banana", but successfully pinging and ssh'ing to "orange."

I login to AWS, and change the firewall to permit "banana" echo request and ssh from, and suddenly both "foo" and "bar" work fine. Makes no sense.

Then, while I'm in the middle of something else and not changing firewall rules in amazon, suddenly the pings from bar to orange start failing. Again, makes no sense.

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