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[Discuss] NAS: buy vs. buil

On Sat, Jul 04, 2015 at 09:06:46AM -0500, Rich Braun wrote:
> In the future I'd like to have replication to cloud systems I
> manage myself, once the price of cloud servers comes down and
> fiber-optic gigabit Internet comes to my house. Hopefully I don't
> have to move to Korea where you can already do that. :-/ So the
> cluster-software management tools should work the same on local
> hardware as cloud servers. There's not much investment in that
> niche anymore, though.

I haven't upgraded my account to "meta-arpa" yet to try it out but sdf
has something called the meta-array that gives you 200GB storage you can
manage either with a normal netbsd login or using owncloud. Missing is
the "gigabit internet" part, but it's included at a membership level
that's only $36/yr. (As with ixsystems, I have no affiliation with sdf
-- seems I'm a self-appointed volunteer marketing drone today.)

Mike Small
smallm at           SDF Public Access UNIX System -

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