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[Discuss] VPS suggestions

Hi All,

Any VPS suggestions?  For the last year I?ve been using Digital Ocean.  The price is right and the servers are fast.  Unfortunately it appears apt-get can?t update the kernel.  You have to use their web based gui.  This isn?t acceptable to me.  

Anybody have any suggestions?  Are you happy with your VPS?  I also prefer hosts that use standard tools like ssh.  I don?t want to have to install stuff like gcloud compute just to login.  I don?t want strangely built versions of PHP that don?t work properly with PostgreSQL like Dreamhost has. I just want a ?regular? gnu-linux or bsd box where I am root and things work as a normal human would expect.


Eric Chadbourne

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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