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[Discuss] gs menu item to run script

Hi All,

Anybody play around with google scripts?

I have a client who wants to be able to click a button on a google spreadsheet and have some custom functions kick off, which includes sending an email.

I whipped up a script (I don't really know javascript but the syntax isn't hard) and everything works.  But the user has to go to Tools => Script Editor =>  I would rather I could add a custom menu item and when they click this it kicks off my function.  This currently does not work and gives no error.

>From what I understand a custom menu item has to use a "trigger" onOpen() and triggers can't use functions that require authorization such as sending an email.

My question is there anyway to get this to work the way the client wants?  The onOpen() is used to created the menu button, but the menu item calls my custom function.

Thanks for any tips,

Eric Chadbourne

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