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[Discuss] Digital Right to Repair Bill, H.3383

> If you never get anything repaired, you are a wasteful human.  If you
> oppose the right of those who DO have the appropriate skills to repair
> things, you are actively awful.
> *Drew Van ZandtArtisan's Asylum Board of DirectorsFirefly Arts Collective
> Board of Directors*

Now that's just silly talk.  You're taking an extreme position.

1.  I may not understand the argument.  My ignorance does not make me wasteful or "actively awful".  Engage instead of channelling Donald Trump.

2.  I used to be an electronics repairman.  Microwaves, tube tv's, amps, and then later moved into IT.  I repair almost zero hardware lately.  If my lovely Macbook has an issue I'm not going to tear it apart.  I'm bringing it back.

3.  There may be situations where it's in the public interest for an amateur to not "repair" something.  Anybody want some firearms I've just modified?  How about when cars start driving themselves?

I love electronics, it is my life, but did not sign the petition.  Honest folks can disagree.

- Eric the contrarian.

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