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[Discuss] 19,000 person company passwords stolen via HTTPS

This is the reason why you should care about authentication and encryption happening without exposing passwords or encryption keys to servers. In this case, it was hackers planting a malicious DLL to capture plaintext passwords received during HTTPS login sessions, but there's nothing preventing bad employees from doing this exact type of thing - by editing a PHP file or whatever. This type of attack affects not only the employees of the compromised company, and the company's private information, but all the customers, partners, and users of the company who happen to use that server or service. All because your password gets sent to the company over the HTTPS connection. There is zero upside to sending the password, when there exist standard techniques to prove you know something without exposing the thing.

Somebody on this list once called me a corporate shill for promoting, but this is MIT open source, free work that we produce at work and distribute to the world. We gain nothing if you use it. Even if our competitors use it, then suddenly our competitors would become not-the-problem, and the world is better, which means we're winning. We gain a good feeling if you use it, even our competitors.

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