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[Discuss] TUIO?

On 10/25/2015 08:41 AM, Matthew Gillen wrote:
> On 10/25/2015 7:47 AM, Kent Borg wrote:
>> BREAKING: I found it! Tangible User Interface Objects.
> Is that like a keyboard?  Those are tangible.  Usually.  Or a mouse.

That's where the "objects" part gets important.

The example seems to be to take the objects we might instantiate on a 
screen and manipulate in a virtual sense there, but let us instead have 
physical objects that can be pushed about. More like poker chips, less 
like poker players.

Blocks on a flat display in some UI lab with exasperated researchers 
watching with clipboards as the little kids don't leave the blocks on 
the special table and instead walk away with them.

Maybe aircraft carriers being pushed across a big map in a room full of 
important people, like in a WW II movie.

Cool stuff, but possibly just cool for cool's sake. Donno.


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