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[Discuss] CU attempts to end robocalls [OT]

On 12/8/15 8:50 PM, edwardp at wrote:
> The easiest way to combat this problem, would be to simply not answer
> the call if you do not recognize the incoming phone number.
Not really since that's caving to their desires.

I'm not going to be held hostage by these a***** who want to waste my 
time by forcing me to screen my calls.

When I was job hunting, I never knew what number would be calling me so 
I had to answer all of them. I'm also smart enough to realize that if 
the wife, daughter, friend, etc. had their cell phone stolen (and can't 
use it) and needed to reach me, they may resort to use "a different" phone.

Spammers and the asswipes behind robocalls fall into the same group. I'd 
have no problems taking a hammer to their fingers on an anvil.

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