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[Discuss] [HH] Boston Cleanweb Hackthon (fwd)

Yeah, I will likely hit this... as well as the aforementioned IoT Security conf...
sorry for the crosspost but there is also this...

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Dear Environmental Action Committee,

My name is Keilani Lai-Hipp and I am the Business Development Fellow at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), a publicly funded agency dedicated to accelerating the clean energy industry in Massachusetts. I wanted to let you know about the upcoming 5th annual Boston Cleanweb Hackathon, taking place April 1-3 at LogMeIn in the Seaport District in Boston.

The Hackathon is a free, weekend-long competition that challenges programmers, designers, entrepreneurs and community members interested in cleantech to create user friendly web- and app-based solutions for energy and water resource efficiency. Last year the Hackathon created 16 new digital solutions for cleantech challenges and offered $11,000 in prizes. Last year's Hackathon winner MySunBuddy <> went on to win US Department of Energy's Sunshot Catalyst Program <
Yi9oLa4aCtDaI2W7GRbEqmdBjZAjAII2BtFiTSVsSesKOeKr1fS9Cy0pz-BntFcQg1I9NGwTqsGMdFzzo-xFe1kI>. Of last year's 70 participants, 23 were students representing 5 different universities.

Registration for the Hackathon is live on our Eventbrite page <>. We would be delighted to have members of Environmental Action Committee join as participants for this year's Hackathon. Would you be interested in promoting the Hackathon through your event calendar or forwarding this information throughout Environmental Action Committee? We would also be happy to attend one of your meetings or events, as appropriate, to provide more information. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Thank you and best regards,
Keilani Lai-Hipp

Keilani Lai-Hipp
Business Development Fellow | Innovation & Industry Support

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
63 Franklin Street, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02110
617-315-9327<tel:617-315-9327> | klaihipp at<mailto:klaihipp at> <mailto:klaihipp at<mailto:klaihipp at>> |<> <x-msg://84/<>>


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