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[Discuss] Govt Source Code Policy

Greg Rundlett

On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 10:57 AM, Rich Pieri <richard.pieri at>

> On 3/25/2016 10:13 PM, Greg Rundlett (freephile) wrote:
> > You talk about freedom to compete.  I'm talking about freedom to
> cooperate.
> Reframing the argument does not answer the question I asked.

Here is the question you asked:
How is what you wrote *not* about denying or restricting access?

What I meant by "companies will have greater access" is that they have
capability where entire classes of individuals do not. I'm referring to the
"capability approach" [1] to freedom.

Competing is a choice that only the stronger among us will voluntarily
make.  So it is a false assertion that everyone wants that choice.  You're
arguing that the old, the sick, the poor wants to compete against large
corporations for the benefit potential inherent in a (larger) pool of

I'm saying that there would be greater well-being, and less inequality, and
more freedom for all if Government Software (that the public pays for) were
shared under a license (GPL) that aims for those goals.

I know you're a long-time defender of the proprietary-friendly open source
licenses, so I don't expect to change your opinion on the issue.


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