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[Discuss] Notebook Recommendations?

On Mon, 2 May 2016 20:12:20 -0400, Kent Borg wrote:
> I took a tentative plunge and bought a Dell XPS 13 at Microcenter. I got a lesser model: slower CPU, 128GB SSD, only 4GB RAM, and then knocked off $200 by going for an open-box unit. I am installing Debian on it as-we-speak. If that works, if I can make it use the internal wifi (currently using a wifi usb I had sitting around), sleep, etc., then I'll get a 500GB SSD (not mSATA anymore, I discover) and reinstall the OS, at that point I should then know what I am doing, and I can do it the way I want.

I wouldn't worry about the CPU.  I'm using a Dell Precision M6500 with
a first generation i7, and the CPU's plenty fast.  4 GB RAM is quite
another matter, though, particularly if you're looking to play with
VM's.  It won't be as bad as paging to rustware, but it's still not
something you really want to do.

I wouldn't go with anything less than 8 GB these days, and 16 would be
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