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[Discuss] IPv4 tunnel providers

I'm looking to switch to a different ISP for a home office setup, and
one of the last details to get figured out is the static IP setup. I
have a single static IPv4 address with my current provider. The new
provider seems to want what I think is excessive to rent a single IP.
Furthermore, I have a class C that I'd like to be able to leverage, and
I like the idea of tunneling out past the ISP to some cloud termination
point so I'll have the flexibility to switch ISPs for the last mile
(either short term during an outage, or long term) without disrupting my
static IP setup.

Prior research turned up that HE ( offers this
type of service for free, but IPv6 only, and locally Cambridge Bandwidth
Consortium (CBC, does this.

(The chart here: says HE
supports BGP peering. I wonder if that means I can announce an IPv4 route?)

I'm looking for recommendations for other providers. That could be an
business ISP that does GRE tunnel termination, or a business-class VPN
service that will advertise routes to customer supplied IPs. A plan B
solution would be a cloud VM, though those typically don't support
customer supplied IPs.


Tom Metro
The Perl Shop, Newton, MA, USA
"Predictable On-demand Perl Consulting."

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