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[Discuss] mouse problem

On 5/27/2016 6:35 PM, dan moylan wrote:
> forever, i've been shown a pop-up menu when i right click in
> my brower (either firefox or chrome), offering several
> options, including "save as".  quite suddenly that
> functionality has gone away, i.e. i right click and nothing
> at all happens.  going to settings-- mouse/touchpad offers
> no insight.
> fwiw i'm running fc21.

Sometimes weird things happen with the UI if you update the underlying
package and don't restart firefox; for some reason the chrome:// paths
include explicit version numbers in the path, which means that elements
already loaded will work, but things that it needs to reach out to disk
fail because it's looking in firefox-39.0 and that directory doesn't
exist anymore.

A potentially more obnoxious thing (and more likely if you've got
multiple browsers having the same issue) is that some javascript allows
sites to disable right-click functionality.  NoScript will rescue you
from this situation if you can stand it.


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