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[Discuss] Recommend a WordPress consultant?

Anybody know a competent WordPress consultant?

At my job, one of the non-technical departments has had terrible luck
finding a WordPress consultant to keep their site up to date. They've
been through FOUR consultants, and the degree of unreliability is just

All the dept needs is someone to keep a WordPress site and its plugins
fully patched, fix the site if it breaks, and possibly to make changes
to the site's UI in the future.

The scorecard so far:

Consultant #1 vanished halfway through the job.

Consultant #2 quit halfway through, which I suppose is slightly better
than vanishing.

Consultant #3 was fantastic for UI changes, but didn't want the
ongoing responsibility of keeping WordPress updated with patches. So
the relationship ended after the UI changes were complete.

Consultant #4 was thoroughly incompetent.  They changed usernames,
passwords, and other data for testing and forgot to change them back
for production. They took a database backup and skipped some
tables. They stored Linux files in a Windows Zip file, losing their
ownership and permission bits. And so on.

If anyone can recommend a reliable and knowledgeable consultant, I'd
be grateful.


Dan Barrett
dbarrett at

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