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[Discuss] Future-proofing a house for networking -- what to run?

Shirley M?rquez D?lcey <mark at> writes:

>> Indeed.  I'm thinking not just IP, but also possibly HDBaseT.  I'm going
>> to run separate Cat5e for my PoE security cameras (which only need 100mbps).
> If you're doing it yourself the wire cost matters. If somebody else is
> doing it, the wire cost is insignificant compared to the labor cost so
> you might as well go with Cat6a throughout.

You make a good point.

My main issue with using Cat6A for the security cameras is that adding
the endpoints is harder.  While I *HAVE* crimped a male RJ45 onto the
end of a Cat6a, I find crimping it onto a Cat5e MUCH easier (and more
secure). I suspect even if I have someone else do the work (still TBD --
I'll know more today) it might still be cheaper to use 5e for the
cameras.  Oh, and 5e "bends" easier than 6a, making it easier to run.
Besides, a Cat5e is perfectly capable of 1Gbps + PoE, which is all I
need for the security cameras (which only run at 100mbps, even for

FWIW, last time I DID do it myself, but made the mistake of using RG59
siamese cable for my cameras.  IP cameras have come down in price in the
past 6-7 years, to the point where I can get a 1080p IP camera for even
less than I paid for my NTSC cameras!  Yikes.

I'd like to do it myself again, but I now have 2 small kids, so I'm not
sure how I'll be able to spend the 40-60 man-hours at the construction

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