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[Discuss] perl and xml

>   root[0][0].text = 'good_tag_001'

So much for Python supposedly being more OO than Perl.
That looks more like Visual Basic.

The hard part in his problem is navigating from sibling to extract the
'good_tag_001' from to the sibling to insert it into.  Your "example"
gives no hint on how that might work.

XML::Twig is particularly good at that sort of local navigation, hence
my suggestion for that.

He asked for Perl help. If one were going to suggest a superior language
despite his request, any answer that isn't in the Lisp family (that
includes Haskell) is silly, because Lisp structure is a natural match
to XML. XML is just Lisp with no verbs, bent brackets, and named
closing parens </tag>.
XML is Greenspun's 10th Law incarnate.

> parsing XML, and python is part of the base Linux distro in most environments.

It may come as a surprise, but most GNU/Linux distros still ship Perl too.
Rumors of Perl's death are greatly exaggerated.
Perl6 hasn't killed Perl5 but revived it.
By rotating release manager, we now have annual feature releases in
addition to patch releases.

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