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[Discuss] Limit the number of ip addresses which can connect to a port

> From: Tom Luo <mariolzx at>
> I am running a service in Ubuntu on a port. I try to limit the number of ip
> addresses which can connect to the port. For example, if the limit is set
> to 1, only connect from on ip address is allowed.
> If there is a connection from another ip address, it will be declined.

As Richard Pieri says, you could have your application impose this

It would be straightforward for a firewall to implement such a
restriction -- if anyone ever wanted a firewall to do so.

But it's really a rather odd restriction you're trying to implement.
It's not clear to me what circumstances would make such a restriction
desirable/useful.  Maybe if you explained the reasons, we might be able
to suggest an alternative that would be easier to implement and just as


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