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[Discuss] Fidelity voice-recognition security?

On 11/21/2017 11:27 AM, Daniel Barrett wrote:
> Anyone here bank at Fidelity? They are touting a new security feature
> called "MyVoice" that opens up telephone access to your accounts
> without a password. It uses voice recognition to verify your identity.
> I declined the feature. Fingerprinting a voice uniquely over a
> low-quality telephone line? I can't imagine that's more secure than a
> non-obvious password. What does the security crowd here think?

Terrible idea.

First question: How secure is it? I am skeptical. Did you see the story 
about the 10-year old whose face was similar enough to what the neural 
nets concluded his parents look like, that he could unlock either of 
their Apple phones? Be skeptical.

Second question: The idea seems to make access more convenient. But do I 
WANT my retirement savings to be so convenient? Security through 
cumbersomeness is real and has value. Safe deposit boxes are cumbersome 
to access, too: and that is a feature.


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