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[Discuss] Mirroring of files to all nodes in a cluster

I'm looking for a Linux utility that will allow me to mirror/replicate a 
directory tree onto each and every node in a cluster, so that the data 
will reside on the local disk on each machine.  However, I'm not seeing 
anything that quite fits that bill.  So far I've found:

* Gluster FS

However, each one doesn't seem to achieve what I want in some key way:

* DRBD seems to only really work for 2-node master/slave replica type 
setups.  However I'm going to have a master and multiple slaves (at 
least 3 right now, and almost certainly more in the future).  It doesn't 
sound like DRBD supports that.

* Gluster seems to be a distributed file system.  I.e., the data gets 
sharded and spread across the multiple nodes in the cluster.  However, 
this would mean that there is not a complete local copy on each node.

Anyone have a recommendation for tool that will achieve what I want?  
Obviously homegrown rsync scripts running on each node would be an 
option here, but I was hoping to not have to roll my own solution for 
this.  Also, of course, if I'm mistaken about either DRBD or Gluster's 
capabilities, please feel free to correct.



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