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[Discuss] LibreOffice and .docx files

On 12/4/2017 8:43 PM, Dan Ritter wrote:
> You would think that this poses problems of backwards compatibility with
> older copies of Word, and you would be correct. Sometimes Word can't
> open Word-generated files. There have been significant problems
> with Word for Windows vs Word for MacOS.

Also Excel for the two platforms due to the macro language
incompatibilities. Which also chokes LibreOffice Calc's macro language
which is incompatible with both strains of Excel.

I've sometimes been able to get Google Docs or Calibre to make something
useful out of ugly Word files that choke LibreOffice and Word itself.
They're not reliable, though.

Could try Scribus. Being an actual desktop publishing tool rather than a
word processor with DTP "features" jammed into every crevice it may be
able to make sense of the vomit that Word and LibreOffice generate. If
it can do that then it should be able to export something less insane
than the source.

Rich P.

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