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[Discuss] Guido van Rossum steps down

On Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 1:21 PM, Jerry Feldman <gaf.linux at> wrote:

> I saw the article. He is not leaving, but stepping down as dictator. Now it
> is time for the community to decide.

?Apparently the vituperative bike-shedding over what syntax if any to use
to fix the longstanding frustration that Python can't have a
while(constant=0) assignment bug but likewise can't express code that
requires while(return_code=subr(arg)) without code duplication expedited
Guido's burnout/retirement from being BDFL. He settled that bug/request,
but the lack of and need for a community process decision process was made
manifest, so he's telling them to step up.

Discussions on how to decide how to decide are now ensuing. Reads sort of
like diaries from Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention.

Bill Ricker
bill.n1vux at

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