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[Discuss] ten more years

On 07/20/2018 10:18 AM, Gregory Galperin wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 04:11:25PM -0500, Kent Borg wrote:
>>>> But Google's Calendar app can't reliably give me notifications of events...
>>>> (Oddly, it seems to work better if I say "send me an e-mail, too", then I'll
>>>> probably get the regular on-device notification.)
>>> Hmm - again, WFM.  What phone and OS are you running?
>> Android. It was a Nexus 5x running the latest OS, but that died in
>> December--just weeks out of extended warranty. Now it is an LG G5 running an
>> 7.0. On my Nexus 7 I have 6.0.1. Long standing problem, looks like a
>> server-side bug to me.
> continuing this discussion from the beginning of the year because yesterday
> google calendar didn't give me an alert of an event that had a notification
> scheduled.  after thinking that kent had cursed me to suffer the same
> failure mode he has ;) I noticed that I'd scheduled that event to be 0
> minutes long (e.g. event starts at 10:30a and ends at 10:30a) with the
> intent of just getting a notification.  but experimenting with that then I
> found that 0-min events don't notify!  they have to be at least 1min long
> to notify.  could this be what was happening to you?

Interesting. It is like 0-minute events don't quite exist.

I don't think I am doing that, and even if I am, I am quite sure I have 
had notifications not come in for meetings that had non-zero duration.

Idea: I wonder whether Android sometimes doesn't bother to give me 
notifications if I am not looking at my phone--figuring "What's the 
point?". Further, maybe it concludes calendar reminders get stale and 
never delivers them at all if I don't look soon enough?? E-mail, however 
is different, it figures it needs to be pushier about e-mail. And, if 
the phone is spending battery power to put up an e-mail notification, 
others get in on that "wake" period, too.

In my case "What's the point?" is that notifications get forwarded to my 
(orphan) watch, even if the display stays dark for hours at a time.


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